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     The stretch film machine is wide enough to cover the pallet. The shape of the pallet is regular, so it has its advantages in use. It is suitable for film thickness of 17-35μm. Manual packaging. This kind of packaging is the simplest kind of packaging. The film is installed on a rack or by hand. , the pallet is rotated or the stretch film machine is rotated around the pallet. It is mainly used for repackaging after the wrapped pallet is damaged, and for ordinary pallet packaging.

    By the rotation of the tray or the rotation of the film around the tray, the stretch film machine is fixed on the bracket and can move up and down. This kind of packaging capacity is very large, about 15 to 18 trays per hour. The thickness of the suitable stretch film machine is about 15~25μm; horizontal mechanical packaging is different from other packaging. The stretch film machine rotates around the items, which is suitable for long goods packaging.

    For more information on stretch film machines, click: http://www.pahl01.com
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